Volleyball all over the world

Volleyball is about 35 million active players, one of the most popular sports in the world. Here are two opposing teams of six players, separated by a network of one another. The network is high in the women's 2,24 m, 2,43 m in the men. The aim of the game is more than three contacts with the ball in the opponent's court (9mx9m position). The ball may touch it only with short dredging (to be flatbeds) played and not held or thrown. A game is usually played on three winning sets, with a crew with 25 points, but with at least two points ahead, a set of wins. The fifth set is only played to 15 points. The team that has won the last turn, receives, or retains the right to serve. The three positions in the network are captured by the front players, the other from the back row. The rotation rule provides that the team must rotate clockwise, so that each player stands at each time position. This rule ensures a low level of play that players are used as universally as possible. Occurs at a higher level of play an increasing specialization of a player. For international matches are usually only two or three of the six players in adoption. The feeder and the Schnellangreifer be taken out of the adoption in order to enable as many variants attack. Since 1998, there is an adoption specialist and defensive player (Libero) who can not attack above the net. Volleyball was invented in 1895 in Holyoke, USA by William G. Morgan, and since 1964 (Tokyo) Olympic sport. Reigning world champion (2006) Russia (women) and Brazil (men). Olympic champion in Beijing (2008) were Brazil (women) and the USA (men). German champions in 2010 were Red Raven Vilsbiburg (women) and VfB Friedrichshafen (men).

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball has in the last twenty years witnessed a boom and ensure increasing presence of volleyball in the media and public perception. In contrast to indoor volleyball, there are a few rule changes that give the beach volleyball its own character. The teams consist of only two players and the field is only 8mx8m in size. Each set is only played to 21 points and the ball is slightly larger and softer. Moreover, there is no rotation rule, the players will only turn right to serve. Beach volleyball has been the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta sports. Reigning world champion (2009) Ross / Kessy (USA) in the women's and Brink / Reckermann (D) in the men. Olympic champion in Beijing (2008) have been May-Treanor/Walsh (USA) in the women's and Rogers / Dalhausser (USA) in the men. German champions (2009) Holtwick / Semmler (women) and Brink / Reckermann (men).

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