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The football field has a large rectangle shown. The lines, which have defined the playing field is 12 cm wide since. The boundary lines that are longer than the others, call themselves the sidelines and goal lines shorter. The line in the middle, dividing the court is called the center line. The circle in the center has a radius of 9.15 m and shows the center of the entire playing field. Each team has one goal on their side, the line can be seen at the gate is called the goal line. The lines are located outside the gate and form a rectangle, the penalty area. In every corner of the playing field there are flag poles, which should, however, are outside the football pitch. Each corner is a small quarter-circle. The goals must always be firmly in the ground are at the goal line at the middle of a football field. The goal line must have the same width, as have the goal posts and crossbars. At the gates, of course, networks are attached, each with the football goal. These networks must be the goalkeeper enough freedom of movement and do not disturb him. For football, of course, includes a ball, the so-called football, a must for every football game.

Each team has eleven players who are at the game on the field. There is also the substitute, which the referee will be announced before the game. Before a football player is replaced, the referee must be informed in advance about it. A substitution of a player may therefore be taken only during a stoppage in play. The minimum number of players on the football field must be 7. The basic equipment of the players are soccer shoes, shin guards, socks, pants and a shirt or jersey with sleeves. Every football game is led by an arbitrator. He makes the decisions in the game, such as whether or not Tor Tor. If a ball rolls over the sideline, there will be a throw-in. A player of the opposing team throws the ball on the pitch and the game continues. With every game there is a half-time. If overtime is required, this is either due to substitutions, Zeitverschwedung, transport injured players from the field or injury to players. A goal counts as valid if the ball has rolled over the goal line, which is located between the goalposts. The winner is the team that have scored the most goals. If there is a tie at the end of a game, followed the penalty shoot-out. Each team tries from 11 meters to score a goal, this erfolt alternately, until a result is available.

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