Golf - Great game with a little white ball

Hardly any other sport like golf so fascinating. According to legend, Scottish shepherd who invented the game with the small ball and long flippers. 1457 forbade the Scottish King James II and his knights the game of golf and ordered instead to the practice of archery. Since that time, golf has evolved from a pastime for the elite and expensive sport, especially in the U.S., Britain and Sweden. Worldwide about 50 million play golf in Germany, 600,000 people in the German Golf Association (DGV) is organized, and growing. The SLA also manages the 780 golf courses and golf facilities that exist nationwide. To play on a golf course may have to be a member of the golfers of a domestic or a recognized foreign DGV of golf clubs. Recently, the development of public golf courses in Germany has risen sharply, instead of a high admission fee, these golf clubs on months contracts, which are comparable in price with membership in a gym. There is also the union of the club-golfers (VCG), an organization under the umbrella of the German Golf Association, in which the golfers are organized, who want to join a golf club. There are still estimated 600,000 golfers who are not organized at all in Germany, but swing on holiday abroad, the bat.

Golf - a sport with and surrounded by nature

Golf is played with 14 different clubs, which carry the ball at different paces. 18 holes make the playing field, the golf course, played in the optimal case with 72 strokes. For each hole has a certain shock number, Par is called, and be dependent on their length, they are divided into par-3, 4 and 5. Each hole starts with the tee, from where the golfer hits the ball as far towards the green. The green is a round or oval surface with very short cut grass and a hole with the exact diameter of 10.8 centimeters, in which it is to sink your ball. Between the tee and the green is the golf course, also called the fairway. On this fairway some obstacles are created, such as sand-filled surfaces, known as bunker or water barriers, formed by small streams or ponds. On Holy all the blows of the player are added up and added to the results of the other holes. The handicap in golf is calculated by the total number of strokes minus the predetermined par of 72 Shall be determined by each player his own personal handicap that it is to play again on each round of golf. Golf is one of the few sports in which players of various skill levels can play together and even the weakest has a real chance to win. And this is what makes golf so fascinating: no golfer knows at the start, whether he will play his handicap.

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