The history of football

Football is the most popular and most widely used team play with a ball still in ancient times knew Egyptians, Greeks, Romans games that had a resemblance to the football, they implemented the game as physical exercises, training of military skills. The Roman legions brought the elements of football to Europe, England. It took centuries, the Roman legions are long gone, and was the ball game. In the middle of the 19th Century it became a team game under the English title - the football. The first rules of organized Footballs had developed in the years 1847-1849. Later national championships were organized, they wanted to know who the best team in Europe, the world is. In the 50 years of the 20-n Football century was included in the Olympic Games.

Children and women in the game of football

If parents want their child to play football, they pursue at least two objectives - the physical development of the child and its diversion from the road. Football is a team game and apart from the purely technical skills, it also calls for a certain team skills. Much depends on the first coach, from his work. There are soccer academies for children. The organizers are mostly former outstanding football player. Specialized boarding schools also work belonging to the football clubs. In the second half of the twentieth century came first shy, but later most certainly women in football. The football schools have begun to train not only boys but also girls. Female football teams were organized first on a hobby level, and at the end of the century, they began to carry out the national championships in the women's teams. The Female Football acknowledged at the international level. Today we held World and European Championships in this sport.

Football is a game that inspires many people. Throughout the world, on all continents we see football fans. And this includes small children, young people, older people. Today's technology allows for good communication, it knows which famous footballer of all countries, admires their skills and their game. There are already sitting the little guys in front of the TV when the favorite team is playing. The boys know each other well. They know which player is in which position, which is one of his tasks. Even in kindergarten, the cards are brought in with the photos of football players into the game. The children will also be times as big and strong. But now they look at the football or on television. Among the friends find all the exchange operations held with the football cards. The most important thing is that the child shows a keen interest in football. We should support this. The child must not remain on their own. It may be that there was no football-children in the neighborhood finds that the circumstances for an impromptu game of football is not very favorable. Here, an adult can help a lot - a joint visit of the association, clubs and so on. And maybe the child will soon also trained in a sports group.

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