A short definition of Basketball

Basketball has become a popular and very important - not only in the USA!
It is a ball game, which is usually operated in a hall. Two teams try in this game, throw the ball into the opponent's baskets in each case, what exactly are 3-05 meters high and located at opposite ends of the pitch. They toss the ball and dribble it over the pitch. This ball game was invented in 1891 kandinadischen of the coach by the name of James Naismith - he discovered them, and over time the sport was becoming more popular nowadays even take place by regular competitions and championships. To the equipment of a basketball court player is the perfect dress, which consists of a shirt and a wool fabric pants or short shorts. The ball game called basketball, and usually is about 600-650 grams, this weight corresponds to the size 7 It has a circumference of about 75 centimeters and consists either of a synthetic material or leather with special nylon threads.

Basketball Gameplay

At the two basketball teams play against each other. Each team has five players and up to seven substitutes, which may be as often as a substitute in case of interruption of the game. At a basketball game, two referees to be present, which, although equally, but have different responsibilities with regard to their observation areas, but this change permanent. The skaters now have to drop the ball into the opponents' basket from above, where points are awarded. Depending on the distance one hit counts in the basket two or three points. A free throw counts one point. All these points are added up and the winner is the team which has scored most points. In a tie, there is an extension, which is also called "Overtime". It is repeated until a winner is determined on the basis of the points. When the basketball season consists of districts. Each district has a playing time of 15 minutes. No extension lasts five minutes. After each quarter, or renewal, the players have a short break of 2 minutes, only the half-time break after the second quarter is a mere 15 minutes. The board consists of different lines, circles and zones, all of which have a specific function. The size of the field is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. Regarding the current season it will be stopped at every incoming foul. Among the various fouls are personal fouls, technical fouls bleat like, unsportsmanlike fouls, such as contacts and hard fouls in the sense of an assault or insult, which are considered disqualifying or evaluated.

A disqualifying and two unsportsmanlike fouls a player the same result in termination of the game, as are five technical or personal fouls a game result in exclusion.

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