"Stay Current and Stay on the Wave" - May 2007

I have a short story about all this technology that has made its way into all aspects of our lives and how we conduct business on a day to day basis whether racquetball related or not. As you might not be aware, I know very little about racquetball because I don’t play and always refer the “hard” rule questions to Otto. At heart, I am an analytical, data strung, high achiever, learner- and runner.

I have run this race held here in Colorado Springs 8 times called the Pikes Peak Ascent. It is a half marathon to a 14,110 ft summit. While my best finish was 199 out of 2000 I wasn’t seeded, I didn’t get to start early or even need to qualify – just enter online. This year I passed (out of shape and stressed) to enter but I had a swell idea for my significant other. She is.... years old and with our latest arrival already two it was perfect timing since she first ran the race 20 years ago in 1987 and this is an anniversary year.

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